Single Malt Whisky straight from the cask by Càrn Mò

Càrn Mòr is all about letting drinkers enjoy Single Malt Scotch Whisky in its purest form, always bottled straight from the cask with as little interference as possible. Each one is pure, unadulterated and strictly limited edition. Every Cask selected in the Càrn Mòr range has been hand-selected for the qualities of the whisky within. Each has its own unique properties and characteristics and these facts and figures are why our drinkers love it. We borrowed from the language of logbooks and raw data to give Càrn Mòr the human touch. The Càrn Mòr wordmark and colour palette are inspired by the cask storeroom. By using stencilled typography like the chalked information found on casks & touches of copper from the metal hoops, our bottle feels like a product of the cask itself. With three ranges under the Càrn Mòr banner, we created a system that showed the scaling up of rarity and value of the whisky within.