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Bringing a New Brand to Life – BrainBalms

We began working with Dr Nicolette Perry – pharmacognosist, author, and founder and director of BrainBalms – in 2017. Nicolette wanted to bring to market a range of pulse-point, face and body oils containing plant extracts scientifically proven to be effective in helping people to feel calmer, more alert and to sleep well. Nicolette’s focus on both science and nature led our overall design approach to developing the brand identity, packaging and website. The products launched at the end of 2019 in shops and online. “Wonderstuff created a superb brand for my product to connect with my target market,” commented Nicolette. “There is no way the product would have looked this good without their expertise. Feedback from retailers and customers has proven that the packaging is spot on.” We’re helping Nicolette develop the range further in 2020.