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German Weinbrand 1848

Pure craftsmanship! Made from German grapes, pressed in the own vineyard and aged in German oak barrels. Higgins was responsible for finding a suitable visual realization for this exclusive german Weinbrand. The new German Weinbrand from the Spirituosenschmiede is pure craftsmanship made from German grapes, pressed in the own vineyards and aged in German oak barrels. These are the quality characteristics which allow this spirit to carry the protected designation of origin "German Weinbrand". Higgins was able to contribute to finding a suitable visual implementation for this exclusive product. The name 1848 is a reminder of the German revolution, which, among other things, had its beginning in the very place where this brandy quietly matured into great quality. The annual rings of an old oak tree, which had a lot to tell about German history, inspired our design. The result was a suitable branding for a product that is so inseparably linked to its German nature. Only when you take this