Vegan ice cream never looked so damn cool. Made in Montreal, Swirl is a vegan "cremerie" committed to high standards and a love of design from their impeccable flavours to the packaging. The family-run company seized the opportunity to bring an edge to the category with a pack that doesn't say "vegan" when you think "vegan". Where colour comes from the all-natural product inside the tub, made of ingredients that are ever-changing with the produce of the season. That link to nature, to orchards, to farmers, to producers, is the driving purpose behind the fruit sticker application. Not an arbitrary trend. An ethos, honoured. The Swirl logomark is custom crafted. Its flowy, luscious, curvaceous forms are inspired by the smooth, coconut-based texture of the ice cream and tracks left behind by the scooper. Sitting bold on the pack, a graphic intention sits undeniably and effortlessly cool. Swirls drops new tubs each Wednesday and is sold out faster than you can cop them.




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Additional Credits

  • Design Studio - Wedge
  • Design Director - Justin Lortie
  • Creative Director - Sarah Di Domenico
  • Design Lead - Ariane Leblanc
  • Designer - Philippe Dionne Bussières, Noe St-Onge, Samuel Larocque
  • Photographer - Lian Benoit


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