Arcade Beerworks - Good For One Play

Flavourly made their name in craft beer subscriptions before becoming an online drinks emporium. The next step? Secure their supply chain by brewing their own beer. This new own brand would use their data to give Flavourly customers exactly what they wanted. We had a good picture of our audience: heavily male skewed, typically in their 30s and 40s who found Flavourly an easy way to indulge their craft beer interests. We needed a brand that resonated with this audience, giving them the effortlessly cool image and credible quality they expected from their favourite craft beers. Speaking to Friday nights filled with freedom and fun we tapped into our audience with a nostalgic name: Arcade Beerworks. Our retro-feel framework comes straight from classic arcade tokens, while lines such as ‘good for one play’ and ‘loaned for amusement’ take you straight to the arcade’s bright lights and felted floors. Information is held in the style of old-school game plaques to complete the look.