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Ferment la Bouche

Ferment la bouche was born out of a desire to merge two mega trends which dominate food and beverage in the UK. The first - live food, fermented is everywhere, from kombucha to kimchi of all flavours and varieties. The second is the demand for exotic sauces. Our challenge was to position a range of fermented sauces, inspired by the ancient middle eastern mango sauce - Amba, for a UK market. Our conceptual guide of ‘through the microscope’ steered us towards a cleaner design, adding splashes of colour to articulate the flavour profile while keeping the illustration classic, almost rustic. We wanted the brand to be subtly rebellious; after all, it’s doing something new. So the brand name ‘ferment la bouche’ offered a simple play on words, leveraging a European cultural feel with a bit of a cheeky kick - just like the sauces.