Packaging Eveg Vegetable Extract

"The main challenge was to meet the diversity of packaging." The brand's visual identity was developed from concepts derived from the essence of eveg: mother nature and our spiritual bonds with her. Thus, a synthesis between logo and symbol was sought through a modern typographic family and the silhouette of a drop in the bulge of the letter "g". Composition that originated the main visual signature of the brand, as well as its secondary version, represented only by the letter "g" together with the decoder of the brand "vegetal extract". Different colors to signal beauty, cleaning and medicinal products. The gradation of the hue goes to the limit of the graphic area. We represent oil droplets graphically scattered around the packaging seeking to remit the essence of the brand. The four astrological triangles of the zodiacal circle, fire, air, water and earth, have developed a graphic pattern that is revealed at the base of the packages.