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Stein Cookware inspired by young mom's

Stein Cookware is an agile and rapidly growing startup brand of cookware from Indonesia. Known as the best granite cookware product, in less than 6 months, Stein Cookware has become an idol brand for young mothers in Indonesia. Of course, we raised two thumbs up to CEO Stein Cookware who was very smart in choosing marketing strategies with the right targeting and the right positioning. To strengthen Stein Cookware's brand image, CEO Stein wants to create a new packaging design that represents the customer's personality so that customers get more value apart from good quality Cookware products. With the majority of its target market being young mothers, Widarto Impact wants to showcase the Stein Cookware packaging that is feminine, simple, casual, fun, and vibrant to strengthen the brand value as the best granite Cookware product in Indonesia.

Stein Cookware inspired by young mom's


Widarto Impact Widarto Impact

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Additional Credits

  • Director of Design & Strategy - Eko Widarto
  • Creative Director - Jalu Linuwih Muhammad
  • Art Director - Fajar Septian Efendi
  • Account Director - Galuh Aksarahina Ardana Reswari
  • Graphic Designer - Mia Daniarti




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