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DBA Grand Prix Winning Project: Carlsberg EXPØRT (The Most Commercially Effective Design Project of 2017)

In a declining market, how did we put lager back on the map? Look to what made it great in the first place... A distinctly Danish approach: Carlsberg EXPØRT, the company’s premium lager, performed well in blind taste tests, but was struggling to stand out in a declining lager market, menaced by assertive ‘authentic’ craft ales. Carlsberg Export needed to stand for something. That something was Danishness. We discovered that Carlsberg and the Danish flag, the Dannebrog, were almost exactly the same age, both dating from the 1840s. So it seemed only fitting that the flag should set the pattern for the beer. We also created a new spelling that playfully proclaimed its Danish roots. No longer merely another Export lager, the beer is now proudly EXPØRT.