Storyteller Kids Supplements Packaging Design!

Resistance to taking medication is a common trait among many children. One of the best and most effective ways to entertain children is to tell stories using animals as characters. The original idea behind the design of Pediabest was inspired by children’s Lift-The-Flap books to create a sense of curiosity and familiarity in the child and make them interested in the contents. A collection of animal characters that have distinctive features (like a bear known for sleeping in the winter or a giraffe known for its height), in accordance with the drug indication, is imaged in two frames. On the first frame of the packaging (closed box), the animal character eagerly awaits the drops or syrup with its mouth open. In the second frame (open box), we see the effect of this medicine on the animal. For example, with the appetite medicine, the crocodile becomes fatter after taking the drops. The bear falls asleep after taking sleep medication.

Storyteller Kids Supplements Packaging Design!


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Additional Credits

  • Art Director - Seyyed Mostafa Seyyed Ebrahimi
  • Creative Diretor & Illustrator - Yekta Jebelli
  • Designer - Yekta Jebelli & Seyyed Mostafa Seyyed Ebrahimi
  • Client - Pedorifamp Co., Portugal
  • Brand - Pediabest


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