Core & Rind: Cheesy Dreamy Goodness

Core & Rind (Candi & Rita) are two cheesy goddesses (our words, not theirs) on a mission to provide the world with plant-based, cheesy goodness and rid the center aisle of bad imitation cheese. When they asked us to help with their rebrand, we happily obliged. Because, give the cows a break! And because their products are that good. Core & Rind is full of flavor, versatile, and has an ingredient list that’s as clean as it gets. We developed a bold new logo, developed gooey waves of goodness that shift from SKU to SKU, and built out an icon system that helps drive product use education. Their new brand identity and packaging design brings to life the game-changing equities of the product. It’s cheese, made from plants! Yeah, we know. It’s nuts.