Grace of Waste – the furoshiki that cleans oceans

Around 40% of the plastic produced worldwide is needed for packaging and is usually only used once. It often ends up as waste in the oceans, where it forms floating islands of trash called garbage patches. We are making an effort to raise awareness for this issue among our business partners and motivate them to do their part to avoid waste and recycle more. We were inspired by an ancient Japanese tradition. In Japan, gifts are often wrapped in a furoshiki – a traditional textile that is used and reused again and again. Our furoshiki does even more. It is made from recycled ocean plastic and conveys a coded message. At first glance, the pattern printed on the cloth is just an attractive design, but upon closer examination you can see that it illustrates the location of the garbage patches in the world's oceans. We hope this will encourage people to think about the issue – and pass the information on when they reuse the cloth as gift-wrapping.

Grace of Waste – the furoshiki that cleans oceans


Guido Schroepel Peter Schmidt Group

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Additional Credits

  • Executive Creative Director - Norbert Moeller
  • Creative Director - Ulrich Aldinger
  • Shingo Inoue - Japan Representative
  • Sven Franke - Design Director
  • David Driscoll - Senior Designer
  • Regina Huber - Designer
  • Felix Koch - Designer
  • Sophie Kueppers - Designer
  • Marie Scheffzuek - Designer
  • Laura Ullmann - Designer
  • Kyonosuke Takayasu - Illustrator
  • Tobias Gagelmann - Head of Production
  • Tobias Woerdekemper - Producer
  • David Gottschalk - Senior Project Manager
  • Hana Licina - Copywriter
  • Guido Schroepel - Copywriter


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