Entre Pierre et Terre Cidres

Time for natural wine to share the hype: Introducing natural cidre (not 'cider'). Entre Pierre et Terre represents premium orchard-to-bottle natural cidres through a method perfected a farmer, fermentation-scientist, and distiller from Picardie, France. Inspired by the delight of brasserie signage you'd find in France, a warm palette and balance of typographies express the product's roots. The layout is intentional yet expressive, with movement, like the spontaneous nature of the ultra carbonated beverage inside. On the cap sits the most special detail of all: a portrait of Dandy, the farmer’s dog and loyal orchard watcher (he loves apples too).

Entre Pierre et Terre Cidres



Project Type


Additional Credits

  • Studio - Wedge
  • Design Director - Justin Lortie
  • Creative Director - Sarah Di Domenico
  • Design & Art Direction Lead - Ariane Leblanc
  • Designer - Philippe Dionne Bussières
  • Photographer (On Location) - Maria Serna
  • Photographer (In Studio) - Nathan Lang


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