52 Mexican Craft Coffee PREMIUM Collection

52 = True Mexican Origin. / “A creative initiative to showcase the great variety and quality of Mexican Coffee, throughout an exclusive collection of some of the best coffees in the country.” Being devoted coffee consumers, we had the opportunity to be inspired and combine the work of some of the finest producers in Mexico —those who specially sow, care, harvest and roast the coffee beans by themselves— with a delicate touch of traditional art, design and photography. The name 52, the telephone prefix of the country, is taken as a distinctive not bound to language barriers since numbers are universal. The result: stylish high quality coffee, especially for those willing to experience it. —Coahuila, México.

52 Mexican Craft Coffee PREMIUM Collection


Angel Gutiérrez NORIKI

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Additional Credits

  • Branding & Design - Angel Gtz / noriki
  • Art & Illustration - Natalia Blanco / la panorámica editorial
  • Photography - Hugo Medina / we are the monkeys
  • Client - KONFFEE INTERNATIONAL S. de R.L. de C.V.


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