Thirst Craft create a dreamlike design for Mother’s Little Helper Vermouth

Vermouth was Matthew Nagy's mother's favourite drink. So when the Californian wine producer decided to create a fruit-forward Vermouth of his own, he did it with her in mind – naming the drink after his favourite Rolling Stones' song, Mother's Little Helper. In need of a design that could translate the subversive nature of the song into a truly unique label, he came to Thirst. Inspired by the song’s dark lyrics, Thirst wanted the label to feel like a surreal kind of escapism. They created a dreamlike scene with idyllic palm trees growing out of an open pill box on the front. The reverse label shows the closed box, concealing its paradise within. Thirst hand drew everything from the typography to the trees’ leaves so each element is perfectly imperfect. This, combined with a vivid pink, give the label a psychedelic feel. To complete this daydream of a design, a foil becomes the mirrored inner of the pill box.