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Novaidea Creative Resources for Ca’ del Bosco – Dosage Zéro Noir

Dosage Zéro Noir is the latest in the Vintage Collection family of Ca’ del Bosco. Obtained exclusively from Pinot Nero grapes from the “Belvedere” area, at 366 m. altitude, where vineyards dominate the Franciacorta region. Novaidea has been able to interpret the ideal quality of this product, developing an elegant label, refined and austere. The design is revealed in the symbol, in the golden letters which shine, like pieces of a byzantine mosaic, in a multiform font composition. The untold becomes image and stimulates the curiosity of a secret. The tasting of Dosage Zéro Noir is a pleasure awarded only to those who can await the perfect moment, the instance when all secrets are revealed. Novaidea has created an exclusive packaging, a celebrative receptacle for the few passionate individuals which allows the tasting of Dosage Zéro Noir of three different ages: 2001, 2004 and 2005; after 12, 10 and 9 years of refining on yeast. A treasure guarded by time, to be tasted in the present.