Allagash Brewing Co. - Allagash White Cans

Pulp+Wire was challenged to thoughtfully transition Allagash Brewing Company’s flagship beer, Allagash White, from bottle to can. The iconic Belgian-style wheat beer that started it all 25 years ago, had been in bottles since the beginning. It was critical to preserve the legacy of the original label that consumers know well, while also modernizing the overall aesthetic as the beer moved to cans. Working closely with the original Allagash While label illustration, Pulp+Wire chose not to simply put the same label design on the can but to modernize the look. We chose to tell the story of the brand and the Allagash River. The can has a different vantage point of the river than the original design; we hiked a bit further up the trail to see the river, its melting ice caps, and build a fresh new story from a new perspective.