Bath Ales partners with Thirst Craft to create a launch new brand, Cubic

Bath Ales had a delicious pale ale on their assets list but, due to lack of investment, the brand was essentially just a name yet to unleash its full potential. Triple hopped with Summit, Columbus and Citra hops Cubic is flavour, cubed. Cubic’s lack of brand identity presented the opportunity to operate outside of Bath Ales’ core offering and appeal to a broader audience. The right branding, paired with Bath Ales’ endorsement, could present both a bridge into craft for their more traditional drinkers and a bridge into Bath Ales for a younger demographic. Matching the exacting standards that go into making Cubic, Thirst created a perfectly precise brand. A dotted grid backdrop adds technical texture and provides the framework for a 3D feel wordmark. Brought to life with a signature, stand out colour, Cubic has been rolled out across glassware, POS, bottle, can and fount. A pale ale that’s, quite simply, perfection in a pint glass.