FOOD ON FOOT Sandwiches

TASK & SITUATION: 3/4 of the purchased sandwiches are eaten in cars. In a hurry to / from a meeting, on the go, in a university yard. In an environment where buyers care about image. The market has been dominated by boring brands that speak nothing but taste. Not anymore. We’ve been asked to create a brand with an appealing story, catchy logo and bold packaging design for 14 sandwiches. The brand name should sound dynamic and easy. The narrative should match the values of the ever-on-the-go target audience. Design – to reflect urban, street food culture. SOLUTIONS: Meet Food on Foot. Fierce and biting. Way beyond clichés. It accurately reflects the everyday life of the consumers. It is inspired by city walls and handwritten food truck menus. Food on Foot put the logo in the center of attention. Its huge size and red background help to win in the battle for visibility on the shelves. Vivid colors and punky ingredient illustrations – help to discover your favorite tastes.

FOOD ON FOOT Sandwiches


Edvardas Kavarskas Étiquette

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Additional Credits

  • Client - Mantinga
  • Novos Gama head of marketing - Jūratė Survilienė
  • Novos Gama packaging and printing project manager - Ramunė Zavistauskaitė
  • Design strategy - Edvardas Kavarskas, Valerija Žilėnienė
  • Art direction - Edvardas Kavarskas
  • Graphic design - Aliona Bobin
  • Account management - Ramunė Baranauskaitė
  • Copywriting - Audrius Puidokas
  • Printing manufacturing - IOCO Packaging, Wipak Polska, Grafobal Vilnius
  • Product photo shoot - PackShot




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