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In the port of Vardo, the only place in mainland Norway in the arctic climate zone, stands out, among the fishing boats and brightly painted houses below the lighthouse, a phrase painted on the side of a building: "Cod is Great". Tor-Emil Sivertsen's motto, aka 'Varangerkokken' (The Varanger chef), renowned Norwegian chef, passionate advocate of his country's natural resources such as fresh salmon, crab, reindeer and cod. M&A Creative Agency has developed the label for the chef's wines, Red and White, integrating in these his mission - "reinforce Norway's history and traditions" - through a bold and iconic photography of 'Varangerkokken' with the product that's the ex -libris of the country: the cod. The labels' technical development of printing allowed to reproduce with exceptional level of realism the cod's eye, in addition to the other finishing details, such as high and low relief and gold and silver embossing.