Thirst Craft usher in the new era of tequila with Storywood

Ordinary tequilas are aged in one way, bourbon barrels, and drunk in one way, fast. But luckily Thirst Craft’s latest brand, Storywood, is no ordinary tequila. Born of two personalities, two cultures and two national drinks, it’s the creation of a Scotsman and a Master Tequila Distiller who age their tequila in ex Scotch barrels. With Mexican heart and Scottish soul this is the new era of tequila, but thanks to consumers still feeling the hangovers from lime and salt slammers, Storywood’s brand not only needed to educate about their novel product, it needed to slow down the drinking culture from shots to sips. Inspired by the brightly painted walls of Mexico and Scotch’s bold number cues, Thirst created a brand to show there were two sides to every Storywood. Their ‘live free, sip slow’ message sits proudly at the heart of our bottle and communications, while hand drawn tattoo-style illustrations tell the creator’s story and create a rich brand language.