Ferrato's Italian & Japanese Fusion sustainable packaging

Ferrato's is a fictional establishment that specializes in Japanese & Italian fusion food. The goal of this project was to create a sustainable system of packaging for the company that can be repoduced in a cost effective manner, neatly stacked in storage, and completley recycled. The result is a three-item system featuring a flat box, big box, and liquid container that can be linked together in any possible combonation. The system is inspired by the use of banana leaves as food packaging, and similarly allows for one of the boxes to transform from a container into a flat plate for eating on. The system is made from flat paper, and can be fully recycled and created from recycled paper products. The system also remains inexpensive to produce, and packs completley flat for optimal storage in a resturaunt setting such as Ferrato's. The system also includes a sustainable chopstick / spork hybrid made from bamboo that can also be recycled or bidegraded. The 'Sporkstick' splits into two.