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Redesigned to Proudly Proclaim: Ožujsko is a legend!

If you ever had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful country of Croatia, Ožujsko beer could not be overlooked. This is a beer with a long history, a strong loyal fan base, a confident national spirit and a great brewing tradition... No wonder it proudly claims to be the Number 1 beer in Croatia. This culture has always been reflected within the identity and label designs. Especially after the latest design refreshment by Cocoon Prague, Ožujsko knew to claim these values even more visibly and confidently. The winning redesign (tested and approved by its most loyal fans) gives the brand a solid, authentic feel, but uses a contemporary visual language that a modern brand deserves. Additionally the label incorporates a bold usage of thermo-ink technology, which emphasizes the brewery visual, illuminates the sky in blue when the beer is cold and, of course, serves a great purpose: telling the consumers, “Now your Žuja is ready to be served at its best”.

Redesigned to Proudly Proclaim: Ožujsko is a legend!


Cocoon Prague Cocoon Prague

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Additional Credits

  • Creative Director - Karolina Belohlavkova
  • Account Manager - Çigdem Çevrim
  • Design Director - Martynas Birskys, Evgeny Razzhivin
  • Senior Designer - Michal Kraus
  • Designer - Adela Blahova
  • Illustrator - Marcin Szewczyk
  • Artwork Project Manager - Magdalena Vaskova
  • Artwork and Repro - Jana Klimentova, Robert Specian
  • 3D Visualisation - Petr Ludvik


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