JDO’s rebrand of FUN Light brings out its playful side

JDO, the global design group, has created a distinctive ‘stand out’ 2D and 3D design for Scandinavia’s leading cordial brand – FUN Light. One of Scandinavia’s most famous brands and part of the Orkla Foods family, set the challenge of capturing the joyful spirit of FUN Light - creating a new brand world and bringing it to life. A triple triumph of visually compelling, structurally distinctive and emotionally resonant. Up for the challenge, we set about defining a creative strategy with the aim of uniting the FUN Light range of sugar-free cordials across Nordic markets. A confident, ‘workable’ strategy designed to modernise FUN Light and take on the challenger brands new to the market place. Once the strategy was established, we created a bespoke new bottle (structure and graphics) complete with a bright visual identity, full of coloured angled layers and vibrant dots to create movement and dimension.