Breana´s Toast is a bread based brand with a family bond in the backend. The brand looks for those who seek products made slowly, respecting both the process and the full potential of a raw ingredient. We want to remind the consumer that there is a feminine force behind the project. We know that the future is female but so was the past when Breana´s Toast started. We opted for an ancient feminine symbol, a greek inspired goddess with a posture that signifies the importance of women in the work field. Breana´s strength surpasses the body, it stays away from the physical realm. It is the representation of continuous transformation, it is the stamina of being on your feet next to the heat of the fire. The overall concept revolves around the importance of quality ingredients, the strongest bond in humanity which is the one between a mother and her daughter and the strength behind a project ran by women. Breana´s Toast is a token for those who enjoy the pleasures of sharing a table.



Mario Higinio Ballesteros TORO PINTO

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Additional Credits

  • Copywriting: Olga Villegas / Karen Vizcarra Art Direction: Mario Hgno Design: Nubia Fernández, Mario Hgno Illustration: Nubia Fernández Photography: Fredy "thecat" Morfín - TOROPINTO


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