Menaud Spirits

Custom crafted from regional recipe to bottle design, Menaud distillery-brewery is found in a small town of population 3,000 near Charlevoix, Quebec, Canada. Menaud mandated Montreal-based design firm Wedge to design the brand identity extending to a family of custom bottles for a most premium Gin and Vodka. Wedge took the approach of a glass object designed to keep. Simple and special. The seamless integration from cap to bottle was the main production challenge - an ambitious detail not often seen. The unique green hue represents the main brand colour inspired by the region's romantic lush landscape. The wood cap is an homage to Menaud - a name from Quebecois folklore that tells the tale of a log driver. Represented too in the illustration of the cigar tag. From Gin to Vodka, both bottles hold the same amount of liquid. A modification of proportions preserved the elegant silhouette.

Menaud Spirits



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Additional Credits

  • Design Studio - Wedge
  • Design Director - Justin Lortie
  • Graphic Designer - Olivier Laporte
  • Industrial Designer - Olivier Raymond
  • Product Photography - Nik Mirus
  • Production - Wedge
  • Supplier - Mat Caron, Bruni Glass
  • Printer - Impremerie St-Julie




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