PACK'D Essentials

In a world that is passionate about lifestyle and health, it can be overwhelming to pick the right nutrients. Where do you even start? PACK’D makes it easy with two pre-made packs of high quality supplements. These little packs of goodness create a total solution for an energized body and a focused mind. A Dawn blend to give your day an energy boost, and a Dusk pack to nourish your body at night. Both designed to deliver you the nutrients your body needs at the times when you need them the most. A premium and minimal approach was needed in order to make the packaging stand out within the typical health & gym environment, and appeal both men and women. The brand mark refers to the well-known shape of supplement capsules with the typography packed within it. Both daily packs are designed using a distinctive and recognisable colour coding that symbolizes dusk and dawn. These soft tones are elegantly combined with black to get your mind and body at ease.