GROM — Brand ID Review & Packaging Design System

The client, an Italian-based brand was recently acquired by the multinational Unilever and this gave an international breath to the tender and made it very stimulating. The strategy following the acquisition was to expand the business of the brand by planning its entry into the large-scale retail trade. Hence the need to adjust the graphic identity and the communication image with particular attention to the packaged product, gelato in a pint first, then ghiacciolo on a stick. The greatest effort was to translate the whole consolidated range of values ​​of the brand into a broader but always coherent logic. The pivot on which the whole design revolves is the obsessive attention that the founders, still in the management of the company, have always had and continue to have in the selection and processing of raw materials; a source of pride. So much delicacy was needed to transpose that so convinced approach also in the GDO project. Here is the result.