Superfoodies - Mushroom coffee

Super Foodies organic mushroom coffees are made with 95% freshly ground Columbina coffee and 5% mushroom extract. It tastes pretty much like coffee but next to the caffeine the mushrooms give extra nutrients and minerals making this coffee work for you. It comes in coffee bags and is stewed like tea. Mushroom Coffee is regarded as coffee ++, a superfood. The design needed to reflect the power of nature, support ancient wisdom and be seen as an earth medicine. This new product range needs to enlarge the current user group of Super Foodies from holistic vegans with good knowledge of healthy eating with consumers living a more active, healthy and conscious live who prefer more convenience. The power of this product is expressed through circles behind the coffee cup. They not only reflect the spores of a mushroom, but more so they radiate an active effect. The curvy lines also indicate that this concerns a hot beverage. Using copper hot foil gives it extra impact and quality.