DIELINE Awards 2021: Registration ends Jan 26

Frisco - Better Pet Goods

Frisco™ pet branding and packaging design was developed exclusively for Chewy.com, a leader in online pet products. Miller was tasked with creating a brand name, brand positioning and branding and packaging design across a wide range of products in the pet care category. The brand position is fun, friendly and approachable, featuring colorful illustrations and a dog with a real personality. The dog’s “thoughts” are echoed in a playful piece of copywriting that speaks to the product benefits while connecting with consumers. This fun pet branding and packaging design served the Frisco™ brand very well as it continues to grow in popularity among consumers. Overall sales results have far exceeded benchmark projections shortly after the launch of Frisco™. Many products were added to this successful line after it’s initial launch, highlighting its level of success. The Frisco™ brand continues to remain a mainstay of Chewy.com’s portfolio of brands.