BOSQUE | Beer Branding

More than a Craft Beer Gabriel, an entrepreneur from Neuquén - Patagonia Argentina, was building his small factory, still without a brand, nor a naming, only with the desire to produce craft beer with the best quality standards, and the obsession to find the best expression of the flavor of each variety. STRATEGY In a market where there are many brands with ethnic or native names, we look for the power in simplicity, at the same time nourishing us with the mystique and the mystery that the landscape of the forest generates in the general imagination. Bosque does not refer to any in particular, they are all forests, their natural wealth and their fauna, which inspires us to generate a graphic system based on the animals that inhabit it. BRAND We have created a brand that seeks to break with the classic aesthetics of Craft Beers, focused on creating a link with the consumer that goes beyond the product. RESULT A brand that has generated a special bond with the public.