Oat Side The Box Ice-Cream

SITUATION The growing demand for plant based products in food industry categories also affected the sweetest of all – ice cream. We were asked to create packaging for the first Lithuanian oat based ice-cream for the Baltic market. The new design had to communicate the uniqueness of product: fullness of taste, smoothness of gelato, happiness of lifestyle. The task was to create a brand name, logotype and packaging solution had to communicate that plant based products can be as tasty as any other kind. SOLUTION Sad enough, not everyone of us can enjoy sweets, but OATSIDE THE BOX is a healthier choice for everyone! Ice-cream is happiness and packaging suggest only that. OATSIDE THE BOX is decorated with little pieces of confetti, party flags and funny typographic solutions – all attributes for a well prepared party. Rich and intense colours tempts us to try the flavours and navigates to never miss in the freezer.