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“Louco” - a "crazy" design for a wine that breaks patterns

"Crazy is the one who doesn't want to be happy." And being happy is showing audacity and ambition to generate a "crazy" in the form of a wine, in tribute to everything that is light and young, bold and spontaneous. And so it arises António Saramago Filho's first "descendent", that decided to break patterns and show creativity, without forgetting his wine roots. Easy to drink, this relaxed and pleasant white wine is the first product for the new brand "Louco", signed by António Saramago Filho. And there is a whole history at its origin. Starting with the "Crazy" letter, which represents the beginning of a new phase in life, to risk and make the leap towards the unknown. The label's design got inspiration to the Joker's hat in a direct allusion to the naming ("Louco") and graphic pattern association. With personalized lettering where the blue-green tones predominate, the hat is the main element, but the whole label's décor has a unique graphic, with an illusion of spiral optics.