Mleczna Dolina

Mleczna Dolina is a private label of Poland's largest chain of grocery stores Biedronka. The Mleczna Dolina (Milky Valley) is dedicated to dairy products. Our task was to rebrand the brand and build a new coherent packaging system. We designed 160 packages, which compose several product lines. Each line is defined by its own colour codes. Maciek Polak created illustrations especially for the Mleczna Dolina line. In order to create a strong recognizable brand, we made the descriptive logotype important and highly impactful element of each package. The architecture of the packaging is economical and minimalistic, thought out so that the most important information is presented in a transparent manner.

Mleczna Dolina


Maciej Bączkowski Mamastudio

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Additional Credits

  • Art Director - Michal Pawlik
  • Designer - Maciej Bączkowski
  • Illustration - Maciej Polak
  • Client - Biedronka / Jerónimo Martins Poland
  • Photographer - Paweł Marcinkowski


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