Steens. 27+ UMF Manuka Honey

A collaborative project: Steens, David Trubridge, Think Packaging & Wrapology. Manuka flowers only open for a few short weeks of the year, and if conditions are just right, bees are able to harvest the nectar to make honey. 27+ UMF is one of the highest grades of Manuka honey, and limited amounts are available annually. Steens’ have developed their unique WholeComb extraction method to ensure more of the health benefits of the honey remain, which are generally lost through commercial honey pasteurizing and filtration techniques. With such a special release, the product needed an equally special and bespoke piece of packaging.

Steens. 27+ UMF Manuka Honey


Mat Bogust Think Packaging®

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Additional Credits

  • DT team - David Trubridge
  • Production - Wrapology
  • Nikki Withington - Square One
  • Photography - Kevin Emirali Photography
  • Photographic art direction + edits: - Shiv Narandas (ssaalltt)


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