Port. Deodorant for You

Port, mineral deodorant. This product is designed for active individualists, young men who love freedom, traveling and active lifestyle; those who value integrity and utility in things that surround them. Brand Essence: «Portable Freshness». Port is a deodorant spray based on an organic mix of oils and mineral components from various corners of the world sealed inside an ergonomic shaped bottle perfectly suited for a life in motion. Port is not just a deodorant offering you perfect 24/7 protection, it is a functional device you’ll want to take with you. The unique ergonomic shape and the simple self-explanatory design. The secondary package you won’t see anywhere else in the mass market allows to: distinguish the product against others on the shelf; put all the information on it instead of on the bottle; have it standing, thanks to a hidden prop on the package bottom; have in hanging at checkstand displays, duty free stands in airports, or at designated promo stands.