A small olive grove has been passed down from generation to generation, like a family heirloom, despite the great difficulty to maintain it. As it was a small production we advised our clients to focus on selling locally in tourist spots with a packaging that targets this public. The sentiment behind this project and the target in question merged into a unique example of the region’s folk art; the statue "Amor é cego” (Love is blind). This figure, blindfolded and adorned in festive attire, symbolises the irrationality of love. The same irrationality that led the family to maintain the olive grove until today. For love! Aside from being a package it is also a decorative piece, a memento of the region and a true icon of popular culture. The transport packaging is a simple, ecological and affordable solution that also serves as a display for this charming little bottle. This product sold out in the first months leading the family to expand its production to other olive groves.