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Mac & Fitz Shift End

by Tiffanie Pfrang on 02/20/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Almost a century ago, the Mac & Fitz fruit packing house opened in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Through the Cedar Creek Estate Winery, the ‘Fitz’patrick family is still in the fruit business. The Mac & Fitz, Shift’s End Label by Glasfurd & Walker is a way for them to pay tribute to the family's pioneering days.

"By using bold typography, we modernized what could be a predictable heritage homage and instead, told the story in a no nonsense way befitting, well, pioneers. Using simple descriptive language and bold typography we bring the design to a more contemporary place as well as increasing the design’s shelf presence.

For the reverse of the label, in keeping with the no-nonsense pioneering approach, we wanted to keep things simple and easy. For many people, wine is confusing. The varietal names don’t make any sense. Some labels are in foreign languages. When they flip the bottle over to try and give themselves a bit of help, they find things like 'notes of pencil shaving', 'hints of barnyard.' For this reason, the back labels show the three most prominent flavor profiles. That’s it. Making it easy and simple to decide whether this is the right wine." 


Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Designed by Glasfurd & Walker 

City/ Country: Vancouver/ Canada 

Story Telling: Elephant Brands 


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