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VICHY Gets A Fresh Face Lift

by Casha Doemland on 05/16/2018 | 3 Minute Read

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VICHY Water has undergone a fresh facelift to help consumers better understand the difference between their carbonated water and soda. The bottles are the same sleek and sophisticated shape, except now they only come in two colors: blue and clear. Additionally, the logos have been refreshed and cleaned up, featuring the images of the fruit with a neat text displayed on top. 

"The client’s aim was to strengthen the positions inside the near water category with revitalized VICHY FRESH design and to launch new products in the soft drinks segment. This new design had to solve the challenging problems of making the brand’s identity consistent in both product lines, as well as make the drinks easy to separate by their types. The product’s USP – light and full of fruit – had to be emphasised while maintaining the overall exceptionality of VICHY, which is based on filtering water through silver.

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"The Solutions: 1. CATEGORY NAME We had to accentuate the name of the category, FRESH, in order to separate the FRESH drinks from the VICHY mineral water category. Carbonated drinks received an additional note – BUBBLES. These steps help the consumer choose more easily and understand the products better. 

2. BLUE This colour was brought in to help the FRESH line stand out from the larger VICHY category. Blue bottles, blue caps, blue text and logo carry the associations with water.  There are two different bottle colours to distinguish the two different product lines. Bluish bottles for near water and a light blue shade for soft drinks. This decision was made to optimise the production line as well. "

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"3. COMMUNICATING THE BRAND’S USP All VICHY drinks are based on water filtered through silver. We’ve highlighted this exceptional trait by using a label that’s coated in silver foil. Still, light drinks have a silver background, whilst carbonated drinks with fruit juice are coloured in accordance with the colour of the main taste. 

4. ILLUSTRATIONS The presentation of different tastes has to be clear and informative for the consumer. The vivid and stylised illustrations of fruit are not used to their full potential in the categories of similar drinks. To achieve the optimal results, the chosen visual style corresponds with the technical possibilities of flexographic printing and printing on cans in general."

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Client: Švyturys-Utenos alusAgency: étiquetteDesign strategy: Valerija Žil?nien? Art direction: Irmantas SavulionisGraphic design: Gabija Plat?kyt? Account management: Rita Dargyt? Printing manufacturer: AurikaProduct photo shoot: Packshot StudioLocation: Vilnius, Lithuania 

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