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Monyo Brewing Crafts A Series of Playful New Labels

by Casha Doemland on 07/11/2018 | 4 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Monyo Brewing is unique, colorful and creative with a unique design for each flavor. For instance, the Schatzi features a purple bulldog chewing on a bottle of beer against a blue background. 

"On each label design, we used the name of the beer given by Monyo Brewing as a basis. All of them had such a catchy character and atmosphere that we decided to reflect on them. They were established in a liberated and funny milieu, so our design tries to recreate this playful mood. It is built on free associations and references from pop culture. It evokes the aura of the nights out when our mood is dissolved in alcohol. In this condition everything seems relative, reinterpreted and a bit mixed up, just as it is reflected on the labels. "

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

"In this parallel universe based on associations reality does not count. The inspirations are randomly amalgamated to serve their purpose in their new context. Based on this logic the label of Dead Rabbit beer depicts a scene which is similar to the ones we can see in a spaghetti western movie. However, in our case, beer has replaced gold and it has become the most valuable possession. On the label of Schatzi (which is a German lager beer) we can see a German boxer which is no longer doing its age-old duty – hunting bears – but is only interested in the beer instead. It is not just a coincidence that the figure of this mad dog reminds us of Cujo." 

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

"To sum up, our main goal was to present our jumbled visions like movie scenes with all of their details, so as to create pop cultural remixes that came to life from the shadow of their inspirations but independently of them at the same time."

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Agency: Graphasel Design StudioArt direction: Dávid DrozsnyikGraphic Design: Zita BorbélyClient: Monyo Brewing Co.Location: Hungary

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