Activist's Honey Finds Inspiration from New Zealand Protests

by Casha Doemland on 05/16/2018 | 2 Minute Read

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Who would have thought a honey brand would derive from New Zealand's history of protesting? Activist Manuka's design features an orange, white and olive green background with Activist planted in black in the middle and raw manuka and honey in embossed gold. Additionally, "Give Freely" is also embossed with gold on the lid with the brand name and the size. 

"Friends (and fellow kiwis living in L.A.) Luke Harwood & Gabrielle Mirkin wanted their Manuka honey brand to celebrate a powerful period in New Zealand's history. A time when locals stood up and exercised their rights and left-over house paint was re-purposed for protest signs. The design direction echoes this sentiment through a vibrant colour palette, emphatic typography & tactile stock. The customised Activist logotype taps into history but through the pairing of a modern geometric sans, make it feel contemporary. The gold foil accents honour this beautiful product and make it feel special. Protecting what you love & standing up for what you believe in underpins the Activist brand and is particularly relevant today." 

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

"Luke & Gabby are proudly championing the real-life relationships that make Activist so unique. Working with a dedicated team of honey fanatics to bring the finest raw M?nuka honey to the US, they're also working with close friend and photographer Derek Henderson to tell their New Zealand origin story. We're excited to be part of the family bringing this wonderful product to the USA."

Editorial photograph


Client: Activist LLC

Location: Los Angeles, California

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