Michael Barley Promotional Cards

by Tiffanie Pfrang on 02/04/2014 | 2 Minute Read

3Advertising developed a concept where each business card acts as a mini-sleeve for a portfolio sample. The client, Michael Barley is a well known photographer in New Mexico with a solid base of agency and direct clients. However, he had decided to move to the Houston area, where he was relatively unknown and faced with having to develop a reputation from square one. 

"The original assignment was to develop a self-promotional piece to help Michael get in the door of Houston agencies and design firms. But as agency creatives, we knew this would have limited impact, as we ourselves are often overwhelmed with photographer inquiries. It's a difficult category in which to stand out."

"Our solution was to make his corporate identity his promotional piece, so at the smallest touch point, Michael could show his work without feeling like he had to go to great lengths to show his work. The concept was to make each business card act as a mini-sleeve for a portfolio sample. Each business card houses its own unique photograph, which creates a memorable connection with the receiver of the card. 

The textures and dimensionality of the work leaves a warm, tactile feeling, something that's hard to achieve with an email blast or postcard. It's an effective way to get work into a new prospect's hands. We like to think that this solution showcases Michael's fantastic and accessible photography without getting in the way of it." 

Designed by 3 Advertising   City: Albuquerque, NMCountry: United States 

Client: Michael Barley Photography   Designer: Tim McGrathCreative Director: Sam MaclayPrinter: Studio on Fire

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph


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