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Feel Glass Engages All Five Of Your Senses

by Casha Doemland on 06/26/2018 | 2 Minute Read

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If you're down to live the life of luxury, you need the appropriate glassware to match. Designed and concepted by Jeff Jen, Feel Glass engages all five of your senses, from packaging to product. 

"Feel Glass is a brand new glass company, that provides only high-quality drink-ware glass."

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"Feel Glass was inspirationally driven on the five senses of the human body which is seeing, hearing, tasting,  smelling and touching. Feel Glass believes that the glass you use to drink can bring up the living quality, mood, and health in your household.

While designing this package,  I thought about packing the five human senses into it – it is visually stimulating, the smooth sound you hear when you pull the box slide, tasting the glass, smelling the wood and feeling the whole box is part of the experience I would like to share."

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"I approached this packaging in a very simplistic and minimal way to bring out the high-end mood – reminding the target audience that glassware can be a luxurious glass that we cannot live without and that drink-wares are worth spending money on.

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Student Designer: Jeff Jen

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