56 Brewing Redefines Who They Are With New Bold Designs

by Casha Doemland on 05/16/2018 | 3 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Bold lettering and vivid colors now stand proudly on the front of 56's brew. Both eye-catching and sleek, Matt Erickson successfully helped the brewery redefine who they were as a company while still keeping true to their brew with this attractive can. 

"56 Brewing is an independent craft brewery out of Northeast Minneapolis with an impressive repertoire of beers, wide in range and high in quality. From the start, 56 focused on the quality of their beer and their approachability, neighborly disposition, crafting a solid lineup of flagship brews and the capacity to create a variety dynamic styles. I was given the opportunity to partner with 56 at a turning point in their business, helping to redefine who they are and create a confident yet approachable identity that carries over through packaging, variety communication, as well as the experience in their new taproom. Exterior signage and mural work in the interior were designed and hand painted for friendly, yet striking visuals throughout the experience." 

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

"A once fragmented set of packaging was overhauled to create a singular voice, confident yet appealing, with a much more powerful and consistent shelf presence. Moving into cans allowed 56 to compete at the level of the competition. Sales of beer both at the taproom and in retail have both drastically increased since the updated brand launched."

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Agency: Erickson Design Co. Designer/Creative Director: Matt Erickson Photographer: Kevin KramerLocation: Minneapololis, USA

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