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These Sustainable Laundry Beads Come in Funky Boxes You'll Want to Keep

by Sarah Fonder on 04/03/2024 | 2 Minute Read

The eco revolution has been coming for home goods over the past few years, but of course, what the hell are we gonna do with all that packaging? Some brands make greener formulas, but still come in plastic— especially not plastic that seems well-suited for a second life. 

A brand that is well (ahem) suited for collection is TREEJUMP, whose sustainable laundry beads come in colorful, environmentally friendly suitcases. The sleek box design, simple typography, and almost clinical look gives the final product the look of a funky early 2000s first-aid kit.


TREEJUMP laundry beads are a product design born under the concept of environmental protection. Environmental protection issues have become a global problem. In an environmentally friendly and healthy environment that urgently needs attention, we need to start from the design point of view and popularize consumers to save water and reduce energy consumption in daily life. Education for carbon living. Laundry beads are the most commonly used product in life, and the product itself saves water and is more environmentally friendly to water resources and the environment than laundry detergent and laundry powder. In order to fully implement the concept of environmental protection, we abandoned traditional plastic materials in the selection of materials, using all easily degradable and recycled sugarcane bagasse pulp as raw materials, and printing with soybean environmentally friendly monochrome ink to present visual information in the most direct and economical way. , integrating low-carbon, environmentally friendly and sustainable development concepts into product packaging. The packaging is shaped like a suitcase, which means setting out for the world, leading the new trend of sustainable packaging, and advocating green life. The suitcase packaging can also be used as a daily storage box and reused.