Featured image for Spaghetti Legs Pasta Offers the Perfect Meal for Fitness Foodies

Spaghetti Legs Pasta Offers the Perfect Meal for Fitness Foodies

by Chloe Gordon on 02/06/2024 | 2 Minute Read

For some, pasta is an essential complex carbohydrate, the first energy source used by our body's muscles. For others, it's a food filled with fear, thought of as being too loaded with carbs, which some accept is the first thing to leave behind when considering dieting. 

Les Mills, known for its innovative group exercise programs, recently released Spaghetti Legs, a pasta that challenges our tried and true feelings around the pantry staple. The New Zealand-based fitness brand is proving that indulging in comfort food and maintaining a rigorous workout can go hand in hand. And, to launch the pasta, Les Mills hosted a Spaghetti Legs workout class, proving that food and fitness can go hand in hand. 


The packaging for 'Spaghetti Legs' pasta offers a showcase for the creativity and strategic thinking of the minds at nice&frank. The bright green box, coupled with bold, all-caps, sans-serif typography, creates a packaging system that's crisp and clean while also cutting through the clutter. The typography and color combination lean into the hi-vis aesthetic the Gen Z demo adores. But the design's simplicity also compels those beyond the Gen Z market to try because we're not sure the last time we saw a neon green color palette used on a pasta brand.


Erica Stevens (ACD/Art Director) and Nicole LeLacheur (ACD/Copywriter) lead the artistic and conceptual aspects of the campaign. Under the guidance of Drew Forrest (Director of Culture & Strategy) and Maria Ragusa (Director of Frankshop), the team has successfully translated the Choose Happy campaign's essence into a campaign and product that not only entices the Gen Z consumer but also creates a playful twist on what already exists within the pasta market. 

Les Mills' Spaghetti Legs pasta symbolizes the brand's commitment to combining fitness with joy. As the Choose Happy campaign continues to reshape the landscape of workout experiences, Spaghetti Legs is a delectable reminder that attaining fitness goals can be paired with your favorite, delicious pasta.