Featured image for Time To Get Your Donkey Sauce On: Guy Fieri's Flavortown Is Coming To Stores

Time To Get Your Donkey Sauce On: Guy Fieri's Flavortown Is Coming To Stores

by Rudy Sanchez on 02/23/2024 | 2 Minute Read

Many folks turn their noses up at celebrity chef Guy Fieri. Perhaps it's the muscle cars, the bleached, spiky hair, or the focus on less-than-haute cuisines like burgers and barbeque.

But by most accounts, Fieri appears to be a nice dude. He travels the country to find small restaurants and praise their food, not to berate them into remodeling their business and introducing a new menu. Nor is Fieri one of those arrogant, angry, yelling chefs. When his home state of California suffers from wildfires, you'll find Guy out there feeding first responders.

Still, haters gonna hate, but Fieri clearly has a strong fanbase thanks to being the most prominent Food Network personality. And now those fans can stock the taste of Flavortown at home with a new line of sauces crafted by Fieri.

All hail the king.

Flavortown sauces include Fieri’s famous Donkey Sauce, his Top Secret sauce, contemporary flavors like jalapeño and chipotle, and classics like mustard and four regional-inspired BBQ sauces.

The Flavortown sauces come packaged in clear squeeze bottles with screw-on caps and prominently feature Guy Fieri, arms crossed. The rest of the design leans heavily on Fieri’s “cool uncle” aesthetic through font choices and the Flavortown wordmark with a spraypainted effect placed vertically at a slight angle. Guy’s signature also comes along for the ride because why not?

The packaging design might not win any awards, but the personality is the brand, such as in Flavortown’s case, it makes sense to put the recognizable Fieri on the front, especially on-shelf, where the bottles can use his charisma to capture shoppers’ attention. Also, the man transcends aecthetics, and while the rest of you create academia and mallgoth moodboards, the mayor of Flavortown keeps on truckin'.

Fieri’s launch of this sauce line marks the first time the chef has made his signature Donkey Sauce available in stores and will be available nationwide starting in March 2024.