Featured image for Aquatica Gin Makes Drinking an Adventure with Their Clever Nautical Bottle

Aquatica Gin Makes Drinking an Adventure with Their Clever Nautical Bottle

by Sarah Fonder on 02/23/2024 | 2 Minute Read

A night of drinking can be a real adventure, and Aquatica gin calls direct attention to that with their innovative seafaring-inspired bottle. This gorgeous design by CF Napa Brand Design features an impressive multi-level deboss of ocean floor typography, and the lid invites drinkers to batten down the hatches with a cool rope tie detail. The logo is clear cut, with the stenciled typography of a sign sailors might see upon approaching land. Ahoy!


Aquatica is a premium craft American Gin inspired by California and the Pacific Ocean. Distilled and bottled in Northern California, the Gin has notes of fresh lemon, orange, and just a touch of brininess. The name Aquatica is a made-up word created to connote water – aqua means, “water, a liquid or a solution, especially in water.” The agency loved the cadence and sound of the name and felt it brought to mind a place on the water and the magic of the Pacific Coast.

The custom bottle shape is unique in the gin category, and the distinctive light aqua-blue hue of the bottle further supports the name and story. The back of the bottle is embellished with a custom deboss of California Pacific Coast ocean floor topography. When viewed through the front of the bottle, the refraction of light gives depth to the multi-level deboss. The custom closure is a replica of a boat tie-off, complete with tie-of rope. And finally, the wordmark, icon, and linear topographic map lines add to the nautical, ocean-inspired theme of the package.

CF Napa Brand Design decided to create its packaging concept around a unique American Gin made in California. The gin would be influenced by California citrus and the Pacific Ocean’s influence on California agriculture. This idea informed how it conceptualized the custom bottle shape and decoration. It started its ideation with sketches and then moved to the computer to create the final artwork. Working in tandem with the package design development, it developed the name as the perfect complement.