Featured image for Hey Studio Injects Mediterranean Vibes Into Nutritional Supplements

Hey Studio Injects Mediterranean Vibes Into Nutritional Supplements

by Rudy Sanchez on 09/28/2023 | 2 Minute Read

Those of us who don’t live near the Mediterranean Sea can sometimes look afar with a bit of FOMO. The region produces some of the yummiest food on the planet, from juicy citrus and savory mushrooms to exquisite wine and delectable olives.

Neeo is a new line of supplements that derives its ingredients and ethos from the Mediterranean. Products are sourced and made in the Mediterranean region and are designed to improve skin, nails, immunity, sleep, detox, and energy. Branding and packaging design by Spain-based Studio Hey also taps into the visual richness of the Mediterranean in the branding and packaging design to convey the region's spirit visually.


Starting with names like Icara, Ibiza, Templo, Capri, and Milo, Neeo makes clear its Med roots and inspiration as the brand’s entire joie de vivre and visual identity reflects this through typography, color, and graphics. The region-inspired themes, such as Mediterranean tiles, dominate bottle labels. The tile patterns feature prominently throughout the brand, and the color palette is a sun-kissed manifestation of the area, with typography exquisitely reinforcing the vibe so often chased by those who visit.


Hey’s design of Neeo feels modern, contemporary, and chic and demonstrates that supplement packaging need not be boring. By incorporating the lust for life commonly found in the Mediterranean, Hey transforms nutritional supplements from tedious to exciting.