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Hair Dye, But Make it Franzia

by Chloe Gordon on 09/29/2023 | 1 Minute Read

A wine and cheese pairing is a duo that we're used to, but Franzia is ushering in something new by collaborating with oVertone. The semi-permanent color-depositing conditioner brand has partnered with everyone's favorite boxed wine to bring consumers a new blend for fall. 

The collaboration, consisting of Coloring Conditioner kits, is inspired by fall: the magic of the leaves changing colors and the time when people start to unwind and surrender to self-care. 

The Sunset Blush kit consists of Pastel Purple and Rose Gold Coloring Conditioners for those with lighter hair shades. In addition, the Chillable Red kit features Extreme Red and Extreme Purple Coloring Conditioners, appropriate for light to medium brown starting shades. 

Notably, the packaging design for the collaboration places the coloring conditioners inside tiny boxes of Franzia, minus the wine. They bear the same oversized image of a glass of wine against a white background, and the name of the conditioner appears within a gold-bordered box. The main difference is that both brand's logos are at the top of the box, and the text "Coloring Conditioner Kit" is found beneath the color's name. And also that there's no (noticeable) spout.

Both kits create the perfect Franzia-inspired shade, and the colors are temporary, allowing for makeovers that pair perfectly with a glass of wine and no fear of getting too tipsy in the hair coloring process.